Benefits of Premium Fiber

Make the switch to better fiber.

Better performance. Better quality. Your body deserves better.

According to the National Institutes of Health's Food and Nutrition Board, men 18-50 years of age need 30 to 38 grams of fiber per day. Sadly, the average American only consumes about 14 grams of fiber a day, so it's safe to assume most of you aren't getting enough fiber. While there are natural ways to increase fiber intake, many foods can cause gas and bloating and realistically, we know you do not have the time to watch everything you eat. 

  The benefits of Take Two:

  1. Digestive Hygiene

Take Two's premium fiber helps to provide bulk to your stool so that it is easier to pass, decreasing your chance of constipation. If you have loose or messy stools, fiber may help to solidify the stool because it absorbs water and adds bulk to stool.

  1. Healthy Weight

The fiber inside of Take Two has been known to be helpful in weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Taken 30 minutes before a meal, the high grade fibers in Take Two will expand in your stomach to give a "full" feeling.  This will help you eat smaller meals and thus lose unwanted pounds.

  1. Heart Health

Research has shown that soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol levels. Numerous studies have shown that both soluble and insoluble fibers can help lower the risk of heart disease. Psyllium, specifically has been shown to help the heart by lowering blood pressure, improving lipid levels, and strengthening heart muscle.

Fiber slows the absorption of sugars and promotes healthy glucose levels.

  1. Hangover Preventative

The absorptive qualities of Take Two's soluble fiber work well with alcohol in the stomach, as well. This "soaks up" excess alcohol and helps to digest the alcohol out of your body. Take it easy with Take Two.